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Mantra therapy is the positive practice of concentrating on a particular sound. In the word 'Mantra', Mana means the mind and Tra means vibration. It has been proved in several scientific reports that a mantra can cure many of our mental and physical problems. About 98% of our problems are psychosomatic. "Psycho' means the mind and 'Somatic' means the body. It has been seen that most of our problems start from the mind. By chanting a mantra, one feels absolutely blissful and relaxed in the mind. A mantra can be chanted internally as well as externally.

The internal mantras are usually small and are also called beej mantras or seed mantras. They are powerful vibrations having great healing powers and are on a wavelength far beyond physical sound.In meditation, we can use the internal mantra as a barrier to thoughts and allow the mantra to take the place of thoughts in the mind. This simple technique of reducing all kinds of thoughts in the mind is a powerful technique to reduce stress.

Whenever you are depressed or low, you might take the help of mantra therapy to ease out the troubles. It can help in uplifting thoughts and moods and take them to a different energetic scale. The mantra may help you increase your willpower, sharpen your memory, and motivate you therefore making you a very confident person and a better human being. Several patients have successfully recovered from their sickness by chanting mantras. Even when the disease is curable, the patient experiences great relief by simply chanting a mantra.

Certain mantras used singly or in combination can greatly accelerate the quality and quantity of energy used in the healing process. However, if the karmic propensity for a given condition is overwhelming, mantra therapy will not remove the difficulty any more than conventional therapy will. Mantras are performed through faith, the results of which cannot be analyzed measured, weighed, or seen but are felt. Each Mantra has a different use; sound vibrations create desired reactions within the body too.

The energy created through mantra practice may lead one to forms of therapy quite different from the ones used initially. Thus, some unexpected new forms of treatment may appear as the fruit of mantra practice. Investigate it. Ultimately, we do not know through which door the route to recovery might manifest, and it may be in some form of conventional care of which we had been previously unaware.

There are numerous benefits of Mantra therapy but some of them are:

  • Builds confidence and improves well-being

  • Sharpen memory

  • Improves depression scale

  • Uplifts thoughts and mood

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The primary objective of music therapy is to help in healing because of the resonance of vibrations.

Our unique and different techniques of music therapy will hold an important role as they will help in healing and rejuvenating you.

Music therapy can treat several disorders such as autism, dementia, mental health disorders, anxiety, depression, and many others.

Govind Saraswati is the person behind Muziek Mantra with a musical career of more than 35 years. His approach heals without side effects, boosting immunity, balancing chakras, and nurturing spiritual connection for overall well-being.

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